Large seminar room with seating and stage

Seminar Equipment

Everything you need for your event at the Sporthotel Wagrain

Modern equipment is a key element of every event and presentation. That is why at the Sporthotel Wagrain we offer state-of-the-art facilities.

Basic equipment

Our seminar rooms at the Sporthotels Wagrain have all the equipment you need for a successful event. As well as a flipchart, pinboard and a range of pens, stickers and other useful bits and pieces, the hotel also offers WIFI, broadband internet and a sound system.
Below you will find a list of basic equipment contained in all seminar rooms (and included in our all-inclusive seminar package):

  • flipchart
  • pin board
  • pens, paper, stickers
  • WIFI
  • broadband internet via VPN router
  • sound system

Additional equipment

We offer more! As a member of the Symposion Hotels group we are also prepared for large events. We will be happy to add the following extras for your event with us. 
Below you will find a list of additional equipment which can be provided on request:

  • laptop
  • CD player
  • cassette recorder
  • projector
  • slide projector
  • video camera (incl. HD)
  • video recorder, TV
  • wireless microphone (hand microphone, lavalier microphone, headset)
  • cable microphone

Seminar - and Event Rooms

Size of rooms and seating arrangements.

Seminar rooms Length Width Height U table Parliament Theatre Circle Banquet
Waggerl 58 8,30 7,45 2,90 20 30 50 20 -
Mohr 70 8,85 8,60 2,90 22 32 60 25 -
Exner 62 7,40 7,50 2,90 20 30 50 20 -
Mohr + Exner 132 16,25 - 2,90 35 80 110 - 80
Waggerl + Mohr + Exner 190 24,55 - 2,90 - 100 180 - 150
Gernkogel 112 12,50 9,00 4,00 28 45 100 30 -
Grafenberg 138 14,50 9,50 4,00 37 54 120 40 -
Sonntagskogel 112 12,50 9,00 4,00 28 45 100 30 -
Gernkogel + Grafenberg 250 13,50 18,50 4,00 50 135 220 - -
Gernkogel + Grafenberg + Sonntagskogel 362 27,50 13,00 4,00 - 180 396 - 250
Board Room 36 9,00 4,00 3,00 Block: 20 - - - -
Board Room II 26 12 12 14 15

Technische Highlights

Top modern und einzigartig!

Live Streaming - broadcast your event to people all over the world!

With eight simultaneous connections on the new tech console we can easily change between broadcasting presentations, film clips and live footage. Our new and modern camera system offers the possibility to record the event or to stream live to another room or via the internet all over the world. The best microphone equipment with a top-modern sound system ensure the perfect presentation. 

A digital Flipchart is also part of our tech-selection where presentations, photos and video can be displayed. Pages are automatically saved and can be comfortably sent to all participants via Mail after the Event. 

With our Click-Share system you can stream presentations, photos or videos wirelessly with only one click on to the screen. 

Our Goods Elevator can carry up to 2,5 tons comfortably into the seminar room. The perfect support for exhibitions or product presentations in the Sporthotel Wagrain! 

Weframe One

All-in-one equipment

At the Sporthotel Wagrain the next generation seminar technology is at your disposal. Weframe One combines different presentation options to one. Beamer, pin wall, flipchart and much more. Without installation, wireless and immediately ready to use. You presentation is set up quickly and uncomplicated and you can manage your notes at all times. 

The participants can get involved digitally as well. Their ideas can be gathered and retrieved with moderation cards and notes. Presentations and notes are saved and can be sent to the participants easily per mousclick


Meetings of the future

flexible. virtual. regardless where you are

Hybrid meetings and seminars at the quality of presence meeting. Participants who are not on site can participate to shared sessions via video call. Everyone sees and hears each other.  

The work space can be broadcasted to all participants so the visual basis stays comprehensive for everybody. With the real-time management you experience the new quality of hybrid meetings and seminars

Hybride Tagungen und Meetings in der Qualität von Präsenzmeetings. Teilnehmer die nicht vor Ort sind, können einfach durch Video Call an Shared Sessions teilnehmen und ebenso Inhalte einbringen. Alle Personen können sich gegenseitig hören und sehen.

Die Arbeitsoberfläche kann allen teilnehmenden Personen angezeigt werden und die visuelle Basis bleibt somit für jeden nachvollziehbar. Durch die Echtzeitbearbeitung erleben Sie eine neue Qualität von Hybrid Meetings und Tagungen.



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Seminar & Event Rooms
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