Opening times

training centre Sporthotel Wagrain

for house guests
daily from 06.30 am to 10.30 pm

for members
monday to sunday
06.30 am to 09.30 pm


Fitness Sporthotel Wagrain
+43 6413 7333 635 or




Year Membership
without wellness € 60,- | with wellness € 85,- per month
Half year Membership
without wellness € 70,- | with wellness € 95,- per month
Month Membership
without wellness € 80,-
Discount for Student, Apprentice and morning!
Day - card € 20,- without wellness
7 Day-card € 45,- without wellness
Block of 10 for Fitnesscentre € 135,- with wellness
Block of 10 for courses € 90,- without 
Start package € 60,-
Body analysis, individual training plan with enrollment in gym, trinking bottle, key tag and technogym key
Start package € 25,-
individual training plan with enrollment in gym and technogym key
More information to Gym and Membership
+43 6413 7333 - 635

Course programmes

exercising together

A varied program of courses are available. For Sporthotel Guests the course program is free.

Spinning, Yoga and much more is offered by our Instructors. 

The course program runs throughout the year and you can enter every time.

Sports medical examintaion

to optimize your training

To adjust your workout perfectly to your body and to be able to plan in an optimum way, you will need all the information you can get about your body and it's possibilities. 

Our Instructors offer the following sports medical examinations: 


Body analysis € 25,-
Easy, fast and precise!
+ Measurement of muscel and fat distribution
   in arms, legs and corps
+ Determination of carbs-, water-, protein- needs etc. 
+ Deficits and imbalances are revealed and
   individual training solution are offered


Aeroscan € 90,-
Examination for the best training experience!
+ Improvement of cardio performance through
  determination of CO2 uptake and release
+ Improvement of lipid metabolism

Train with the Pros

Tips & tricks from the best

Whether you are training for a marathon, want to improve your personal best or simply would like to be more fit and active, our personal trainers will be happy to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

Training with a professional coach not only increases your motivation but also helps you to train more efficiently and effectively. After just a few days you will notice the first improvements.

Tip! Our personal trainers will be happy to come up with a tailor-made training plan which you can take home with you.

Physical therapy

Preservation and promotion of health

It is of particular concern to our phyiotherapist Harald Lueger to work with you both on a physical and mental level in order to release pains and to guarantee long-term well-being. 

Individual care and a personalized therapie plan in a relaxed atmosphere will help your healing process

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