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Opening times beauty-farm

Monday to Friday
09 am to 12 noon and 02 pm to 07 pm


02 pm to 06 pm


phone +43 6413 7333 605
mail kosmetik@sporthotel.at


Beauty days in Austria

Beauty-treatments in region Salzburg

Lay back, relax and enjoy! There are few better things than a beauty holiday to relax mind, body and soul in the stunning Salzburger Land region

Holidays at the Sporthotel Wagrain focus first and foremost on your health. Dive into a world of total relaxation and let our beauty team take care of you from head to toe. Our services include a wide range of massages, applications and treatments.

"We know how to take care of our guests here at the Sporthotel Wagrain."



Massages, body wraps and peelings are just some of the treatments available:

  • facial treatments
  • additional treatments
  • pedicures & manicures
  • body wraps
  • baths & peelings
  • full-body wraps
  • partner treatments
  • relaxing and invigorating massages
  • classic massages



Beauty baths, vitamin wraps and soothing massages as well as our indoor and outdoor pools and a large sauna area are among the highlights in our hotel.
Other spa & beauty highlights include:

  • Outdoor pool (11x4m)
  • Indoor-Pool (12x5m)
  • Whirlpool integrated into indoor and outdoor pool
  • Saunas and steam baths
  • Aromatic infrared cabins
  • Vitamin bar
  • Chill-out room with waterbeds

Classic Facial Treatment for Him and Her

Cleansing, peeling, steam, intensive care, massage and wrapping

with an additional ampoule of active ingredients - Surcharge EUR 6,00

approx. 55 min. € 69,00

Intensive Treatment for Face, Neck and Neckline (male and female)

Cleansing, peeling, steam, eyebrow correction, deep cleansing,
active substance concentrate, massage and wrapping. 

With hand wrapping -  Surcharge EUR 16,00

approx. 85 min. € 99,00

Cleansing Treatment for Teenagers

cleansing, peeling, steam to open pores and remove impurities, wrapping

approx. 50 min. € 59,00

Activating ampules cure

Intensive treatment for the demanding and sensitive eye area. With ampoule and mask to reduce swelling and refresh the eye area.

approx. 25 min. € 35,00

Relaxing facial massage with ampoule

approx. 25 min. € 35,00

Basic treatment with microdermabrasion

Basic treatment for all skin types, which makes the skin visibly radiant, improves the structure of the skin and contributes to the refinement of the skin's structure.

approx. 55 min. € 75,00

Viva-Balance Freshness Kick

Vitalizes tired, callused, light-damaged as well as smoker’s skin.

approx. 55 min. € 75,00

Reviderm Age prevention treatment

It is a high-quality special treatment for the regeneration of stressed skin that needs moisture and cell protection.

approx. 55 min. € 79,00

Anti-Age Intensive Treatment

Regeneration and smoothing, improvement of elasticity and tension.
Result: collagen build-up and glow of the complexion
- with hydrolayer - surcharge EUR 15,00

approx. 85 min. € 110,00

Microdermabrasion treatment for impure skin

Regulates the sebum production and results in cleaner skin, with an antibacterial effect.

approx. 55 min. € 75,00

Couperose therapy treatment

visibly improves the appearance of the skin, helps to reduce the redness of the skin, stabilizes the blood vessels and alleviates discomfort.

approx. 85 min. € 110,00

Pedicure "Deluxe“

At the beginning your feet will be pampered with a peeling, then you get a medical foot care and finally, you will enjoy a soothing foot massage. 

approx. 85 min. € 85,00

Medical pedicure with foot bath

approx. 55 min. € 55,00

Foot Massage

approx. 15 min. € 20,00

Hand Massage

approx. 15 min. € 20,00


with gel varnish - Surcharge EUR 20,00

approx. 50 min. € 45,00

Manicure "Deluxe"

intensive manicure with hand peeling and massage

approx. 85 min. € 75,00

Quick manicure with gel varnish

Lasting approx. 2 - 3 weeks

approx. 50 min. € 45,00


€ 8,00

French varnish

€ 10,00

For our younger guests - cosmetic manicure or pedicure with nail polish

6 - 14 years

approx. 25 min. € 25,00

Herbal stamp full body massage

The herbal stamp massage is a traditional treatment well known in Asia, which treats the body with
special herbal mixtures and certain massage techniques. The herbal stamp massage is also particularly suitable to reduce stress and to bring a better well-being overall.

approx. 55 min. € 75,00

Herbal stamp back massage

The herbal stamp massage is a traditional treatment well known in Asia, which treats the body with
special herbal mixtures and certain massage techniques. The herbal stamp massage is also particularly suitable to reduce stress and to bring a better well-being overall.

approx. 25 min. € 45,00

Relaxing head massage

with a special aroma oil.

approx. 25 min. € 35,00

Back meridian massage

This gentle relaxation massage gives you a wonderful feeling of inner peace. You will feel like new-born.

approx. 25 min. € 35,00

Full body peeling

approx. 25 min. € 39,00

Smooth and silky from head to toe

Intensive full-body peeling for blood circulation, activation and increase the receptivity. The subsequent wrapping moisturizes, regenerates and treats your skin.

approx. 55 min. € 70,00

Anti Fat Pad Vitality Wrap

35 different essential oils activate and perfuse skin and tissue. Perfect for fat burning and silhouette refinement.

approx. 55 min. € 59,00

Beauty break for the face

Cleansing, peeling, ampoule, face-neck-decolleté massage

approx. 25 min. € 40,00

Make-up for the day

with professional products from "Horst Kirchberger”

approx. 15 min. € 25,00

Make-up for the evening

with professional products from "Horst Kirchberger”

approx. 25 min. € 35,00

Eye brow plucking

€ 7,00

Eye brow correction with warm wax

€ 12,00

Eye lashes colouring

approx. 15 min. € 15,00

Eye brow colouring inc. plucking

approx. 15 min. € 15,00

Eyelashes and brows incl. plucking

approx. 25 min. € 25,00

Depilation with warm wax and subsequent care

Upper lip € 8,00
Upper lip and chin € 15,00

Armpit € 20,00
Bikini area € 20,00
Back € 30,-

Lower leg € 30,00
Lower- and upper leg € 55,00

€ 8,00

Top Produkte von der Marke Reviderm

Sie suchen noch nach einem passenden Geschenk oder Ihnen gefällt etwas für sich selbst? Kontaktieren Sie uns und wir schicken Ihnen Ihr Lieblingsprodukt gerne per Post zu

Daily Sun Screen 20

€ 28,00

Skin Protection Mask

€ 57,00

Peptide Line Lift Mask

€ 71,00

Calmin Hydro Mask

€ 69,00

Reta Serum

€ 83,00

OPC Cream Forte

€ 101,00

Pyconogenol OPC Cream

€ 92,00

ECM Repair Concentrate HD

€ 99,50

Daily Double C Serum

€ 69,00

Silver Detoxifying Mask

€ 35,20

Hydro 2 Infusion Cream

€ 50,00

Solar Skin Shield 30

€ 61,50

Sun Protect 50

€ 41,00

Arvi-Syn Line Filler

€ 121,00

OPC Age Control

€ 63,00

OPC Fluid Forte

€ 93,00

Enzyme Peeling Paste

€ 57,00

Hydro 2 Infusion Mask

€ 41,00

Hydro 2 Infusion Serum

€ 42,00

Anti-Glycation OPC Concentrate

€ 120,00

Facial treatment Reviderm

with Cellucur

Successful treatment for:
Light - and age damaged skin
Pigment disturbance
Impurities and scars