Blick nach Kleinarl aus dem Panorama Link | © Snow Space Salzburg

Panorama Link connects Wagrain and Kleinarl

Unique Mountain Panorama with the New Cable Car

Legends United

Three legendary Skiing areas united

If you go through the region of Wagrain-Kleinarl these days, you will notice many posters mentioning "legends united". It pictures the three alpine ski racing legends Hermann Maier, Annemarie Moser-Pröll and Michael Walchhofer standing shoulder to shoulder. The skiers represent the recent connection between the three just as legendary skiing regions from which they are originated from (Maier from Flachau, Moser-Pröll from Kleinarl and Walchhofer from Zauchensee). Namely these three skiing areas are Snow Space Salzburg (Wagrain, Flachau, St.Johann/Alpendorf), Skiparadies Zauchensee and Shuttleberg (Kleinarl and Flachauwinkl). With over 210 kilometers of slopes the area therefore becomes one of the biggest in Austria.

Since the beginning of this year, skiers are able to go back and forth with the top modern 10 person cable car from the top station of the Flying Mozart to the top station Kleinarl-Flachauwinkl. There is a marvellous panorama to be astonished by, while riding on the 3,1 kilometer long cable car. 

12 Peaks Trophy

12 peaks and 5 valleys in 1 day

The 12 peaks trophy is a special motivator for particularly eager skiers. Whoever succeeds in passing all 12 peaks and all 5 valleys of the three connected skiing areas in one day will be awarded with the infamous black trophy. However be sure to get up as early as possible and plan in a long day in order to succeed. A perfect starting point is the Sporthotel Wagrain directly opposite to the Grafenberg cable car. For whoever wants to take a little more time for the challenge, there is the blue or red trophy for people who manage to tick off all checkpoints in two or three days and more. More information on the 12 peaks trophy can be found here

New Flying Mozart

as from the Winter Season 2021/22

The long-awaited opening of the new Flying Mozart cable car will come with the start of the next Winter season 2021/22. Equipped with brand new and top modern new cabins and with increased capacity the Flying Mozart ensures to lift all guests and visitors up the mountain with high comfort and no long waiting times