Wald-Knoblauch | © Pixabay @Couleur

Wood Garlic

A gift from the forest.

In Austria nature is not only impressing with it's mountain ranges, clear water lakes and water falls but is also gifting us with wonderful delights. Spring is the time of awakening! Flowers are growing quickly, sun is getting stronger and the birds are singing again. 

Impatiently our kitchen team is waiting for a special treasure in nature - wood garlic! The collection of the special mountain herb is balm for the soul and the distinctive flavour lets chef's hearts skip a beat. 

The plant is with it's full green leaves is a mixture of garlic and chive. But be careful when trying to collect some in the forest as it resembles the poisonous lily of the valley

This wonder of nature can be used in many different ways. If as a delicious pesto, in a fresh salad or as a condiment with home made wood garlic Spätzle. 

Should you find a dish including wood garlic on one of our menus, we highly recommend to choose this dish. It's unique taste will certainly make you remember that particular dish! 


A great classic with special flavour

One thing cannot be missing in any kitchen - Pesto. while it is classically made from basil, wood garlic brings a special taste to your pesto. Perfectly fiiting to spring time it can be a flavoursome addition to many dishes or being enjoyed just on a piece of bread. 

Wash the wood garlic carefully and let it dry. Afterwards mix it with pine nuts and olive oil. Add some grated parmesan, salt and pepper and pour it into a glass container. Speaking from experience we know that wood garlic is always quickly used up but covered with olive oil can be stored up to 3 months in the fridge.