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10 reasons why you should become an apprentice with us

Apprenticeships at the Sporthotel Wagrain are a great start to a great career.

If you are young, motivated and looking for the right place to complete an apprenticeship then look no further! We have put together 10 reasons why you should become an apprentice at the Sporthotel Wagrain.

Jobs Sporthotel Wagrain
Jobs Sporthotel Wagrain
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5. Enjoy free holidays

Free holidays sound too good to be true? Wrong! The Sporthotel Wagrain invites all its members of staff to spend a free holiday in one of 13 selected hotels across Austria.

6. Fun and excitement all year round

Spring, summer, autumn and winter - whatever the time of year, there is always plenty going on at the Sporthotel Wagrain. During the cold winter months there are plenty of outdoor sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Spring is the ideal time of year for a little spa relaxation. Autumn sees many major events taking place in the region. And in summer the Salzburg Alps are perfect for hiking and other activities.

7. Your own flat

Apprentices at the Sporthotel Wagrain live in our own staff quarters together with the other members of hotel staff. Food is provided free of charge. Staff also have access to a recreation room, washing machine, tumble dryer, cable TV and free wireless internet.

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8. Great leisure activities

Hiking, mountainbiking, freestyling, tobogganing, skiing or simply relaxing - whatever you are into, the Salzburger Land region has plenty to offer. Our apprentices have access to many services at the hotel such as the gym.

9. Challenge yourself

Apprentices at the Sporthotel Wagrain are always ready to take on new challenges. Whatever you are training to become, you will have to take on responsibility, work in a team and react quickly to changing situations. Are you ready for the challenge of a lifetime?

10. Your chance

Seize your chance and become an apprentice with us at the Sporthotel Wagrain!

Sounds like the kind of place for you?

Then get in touch with us!

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