World of the Ice Giants

Eternal ice: trip to Austria’s largest glacial cave

The World of the Ice Giants is not only Austria’s largest glacial cave but also its most imposing. Open to visitor from May to October.

After a large breakfast at Sporthotel Wagrain you are ready: it’s only a 30-minute drive from Wagrain to the fascinating World of the Ice Giants in nearby Werfen.

Hiking to the World of Ice Giants

From the car park it is a 20-minute walk to the lower station of the cable car. Once on top, it is another 20 minutes to the most beautiful glacial cave in Austria. Please remember to bring hiking boots and appropriate clothes for your trip – even on hot days it is cold inside the cave.

Even in high summer the temperature inside the cave does not rise above 0°C. The cave consists of 42km of tunnels and the ice palaces and sculptures are breath-taking. Equipped with special lamps you can explore the world of ice. The glacial cave is listed as a protected site of historic interest and can only be entered with a qualified guide. The tour takes about 75 minutes.

You can look forward to such an experience: send a tentative enquiry now to our team at Sporthotel Wagrain. So unforgettable memories are already included in your holiday.

Sporthotel Tip: admission discount with SalzburgLand Card available. Ask our team at the reception!

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